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A Week in Italia

Spending eleven days away from Barcelona was tough. Barcelona has become my home and being away for that long felt wrong. However, I knew spending a little over a week with my best friends touring Italy wouldn’t be so bad.

Our first stop was Cinque Terre, Italy. Stepping out of the train station, I knew this would be a great place to spend three days. My favorite place to be is laying on a beach. Cinque Terre was a perfect fit for me. It is simply a small beach town. IMG_4783

After dropping off our bags our cute hostel, we went to a restaurant overlooking the ocean. We ordered pasta and cocktails to get the trip started. The rest of the day was spent laying on the beach till the sun went down.

The next morning, we took an ambitious hike to the next town. Cinque Terre is comprised of five small villages. We only made traveled to one. It wasn’t easy. Along the way, we met two friends who were struggling just as hard. An hour and half later, we all made to Vernazza. The town was crowded with tourists and gelato. We ate more pasta and shopped at the souvenir stores. As the sun went down, my friends and I watched the waves hit the rocks.

Sunday morning and it was time to leave Cinque Terre. Honestly, I was sad to leave this beautiful beach town. The warm weather and sandy streets made it difficult to leave.

The train to Florence was long. Once arriving, I would be crashing with my friend’s cousin’s hardwood floor for the next three nights. IMG_4885

On Tuesday morning, this made the day trip to Venice difficult. I was exhausted. We took an early morning, fast train to Venice and caught a ferry to Burano. Unfortunately, we got on the wrong ferry. It took us 2 hours to arrive in Burano. It was worth it. The blue skies and colorful houses made for incredible pictures. After, we took another ferry and wondered the streets of Venice. We made great use of the short time we had. Later that day, we took a train back to Florence.11150443_10205935637452893_7661687077666655396_n

Another early morning train ride and off to Rome! We checked into our hostel. The weather in Rome was very warm. I was not expecting this and packed jeans for the day. The first thing we did was meet our friend from school. She is studying abroad in Rome and was excited to show us the city. We visited the Colosseum, Spanish Steps, and the Trevi Fountain. Unfortunately, we found out the Trevi Fountain would be under construction for the next two years. This was disappointing.

Thursday, we only had time to see the Vatican before leaving once again. The line to enter the church took us over an hour. That night, we met at the train station for the Bus2Alps Tour. This was a weekend long tour that we had signed up for a few weeks earlier. The bus picked up all the kids at the train station and took us to Sorrento, Italy. 

In the morning, the tour had us wake up early. Everyone hopped on a ferry that took us to smaller boat. The boat took us around the entire island of Capri. It was a beautiful day. First, we took even smaller boats inside the Blue Grotto. At the end, the boat dropped us off on Capri Island. Here, we traveled to the top to eat lunch and try Limoncello. Capri is known to grow the best, fresh lemons. It was delicious.

My favorite part of the island was the chairlift. It was a single chair for one person that took you to the tallest part of capri. It was very relaxing to be by yourself. The views of the ocean were incredible.

The next two days were not as exciting. Unfortunately, the weather was terrible. It thunder-stormed the entire time. We spent the next two days huddled in pizza shops and trying to stay dry.

When Monday came around, we were ready to get back to the nice weather in Barcelona. The trip was long but beautiful.

If you only have a short time in Italy, here are a few recommendations

My favorite places:

  • Cinque Terre
  • Burano
  • Capri

My favorite things:

  • Hiking
  • Blue Grotto
  • Chairlift

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