Pick a book!

My biggest role model right now has got to be Lea Michelle. I have been an active Glee watcher ever since the very first pilot premiered back in 2009. Monday nights, I would sit with my mom and wouldn’t miss a single episode. I’ve never really been interested in television shows so, that says a lot. I don’t have Netflix or even own a television, but for some reason I was always connected to Glee.

Why do I want to be just like Lea? She is the perfect example that you don’t need to be 5’9, blonde with blue eyes to be beautiful. She dresses and presents herself in a poised way. Lea isn’t your typical celebrity and I love her for that.

The book, Brunette Ambition, explains how she keeps a healthy lifestyle. She explains her life, health, and beauty tips. Food, workouts, skin care, and fashion are all included in her book. It is definitely what has inspired me to change my way of life and create this blog. DSCN0192

My parents bought Brunette Ambition for me before I came abroad. They thought it would be useful to read on the plane or whenever I have down time. They were right.I have already read it all but always catch myself re-reading it. It is perfect for weekend trips to another country, reading outside at a café, before bed, or the balcony of my apartment.

My suggestion is to find a healthy book you think you would enjoy. There are so many out there. Another one of my favorites is Lauren Conrad‘s book, Beauty.If you pick an author you like, it makes the book more enjoyable for you. Since I want to be just like Lea Michele, this book is perfect for me! Pick a health book that suits you.Desktop


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