Its simple. Join a gym

Back in the states, working out is my favorite hobby. At college, I live in a sorority house and need some alone time from the 65 girls I live with. The gym is a place I can go by myself for a few hours and relieve all my stress. Running, stretching, and listening to music, are all part of my “me time”. It is very important to me.

IMG_2972After one week in Barcelona without a workout, I quickly realized I needed to join a gym. In google maps, it showed me there were plenty around the city! I decided to join a gym that was a ten minute walk from my apartment called Simply Gym. They gave me a student discount rate that was only 10 euro a month, plus a start up fee. This comes with workout classes that I am very excited to try. Quickly, I fell in love with this gym.

It was very spacious and empty. My old gym was always crowded with college students and made it impossible to get a full workout in. This gym even has a section separate just for women, which I love. The first day, a lady even offered to show me some of the weight machines.

My favorite part has to be the televisions. All over the gym American music videos are being played all day. It is always a good day when Justin Timberlake or Beyoncé  comes on. It forces me to stay on the treadmill an extra video or two longer when I see something I like.

IMG_2975My advice when abroad, join a gym! Gyms abroad are less expensive and all over the city. If you prefer treadmills, ellipticals, cycling bikes, weights, or classes abroad gyms have them. Find one close to you, make it part of your weekly routine, and start sweating!


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