Run a Routine

Two weeks and half in Barcelona and it feels like I have lived here forever. The first step to a healthy lifestyle is getting into a routine. Figuring out when you have time to eat and what days of the week you can get a workout in are elements you should be thinking about. I am a very visual person. What I do is write out each day on a piece of paper. Then, I list what I will be doing that day to see where I can fit in food and exercise. This helps me stay organized and have goals for the week


Mondays and Wednesday are the days when I have three classes. My favorite thing is to snack. It is proven to be better for you, if you consider portion size. I eat small snacks throughout the day and in between each class. My last class ends at 7:30. In Barcelona, people eat their dinners much later. I walk home around 8 and make a meal. Then, we usually go out. After a long night of dancing, it is normal to get hungry, come home, and make a late night snack before bed.

Tuesdays and Thursdays, I have one class from 6-7:30pm. This gives me plenty of time in the day to workout and do homework. Once again, I usually come home and make a late meal around 8pm.

Weekends are tricky because they are so unexpected. You never know what you will be doing, where you will be eating, or how late you will be out. Weekends are my cheat days when I am abroad. Going out to eat and trying new foods are all part of the fun here in Barcelona. If time permits, a workout is definitely necessary.

My schedule and goals are set. Even if I don’t go exactly to plan, it’s okay. There is always next week to try to improve. My advice to you is to write a schedule, make goals, and take it week by week.


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